I’m about to hit the hay but I thought I’d send out a quick note before I did.

Most people I talk to fail in the gym, and it’s because they lose focus. I was talking to a kid today at the gym who had 800 goals. He wants to bulk up, improve his posture, get a six pack, make his legs bigger, improve his flexibility, run faster, wrestle a bear, and all while saving the world.

Look the reason you fail is because you don’t focus, you have got training ADD. Think long and hard about the thing that is most important to you right now and that is your goal. It will be your goal until you hit it.

I want you to go to the comments section under this post and write down exactly what you plan on achieving, how long it’s going to take, what steps you’re going to take to get it, etc etc.

Stay Focused

If I read tone up I will come through the screen and bitch slap you btw.

  • Tim

    wrestle a bear!