Friday thoughts

Have a fairly relaxing weekend coming up; some studying, some classes, our official moving in party is happening. Who knows maybe I’ll get in some blogging over the weekend.
If I don’t here are some things to pull you through the weekend.

1. If you’re an athlete and don’t do pilates, than you’re really ignoring an excellent tool to help keep you healthy. I went into a tackle last week and hurt my shoulder, and after doing some of the arm in strap work along with the rotational work my shoulder continues to improve much faster that if I was just giving it RICE.

2. Change you routine. I don’t care if you’re the most devoted person to a class you’re taking at the gym, run 500 miles a week, or are an avid boxer, your body will stop changing unless you change things up. Translation, if you were a fat ass who got results through kick boxing, and haven’t yet hit your fitness goals through kick boxing, do something different.

3. What is up with reality shows? I know that I love some of them (G’s to Gents anyone?), but there’s a reality show about every little thing. Challenge for you is to stop being a voyeur and go do something.

4. I work at a gym with a lot of people doing almost every movement wrong. I’ve taken it to be my personal responsibility to make sure people maximize their results, so if you go to a gym and a (good) trainer offers some advice (unless it’s to throw you up on a BoSu or something) about your form take it. You’ll make them feel great and probably save your body.

5. Really rethinking the whole unstable surface training thing. One of the strength coaches I look up to just put out a book on the pros and cons of unstable surface training. If you’re interested you can look at the page here.

That’s it for now. Gonna go teach some pilates, then I’ve got to reregister to vote. Otherwise I have to drive all the way up to Santa Barbara just to make my voice heard.

Stay Strong

  • Tim

    Good advice. Would trail running constitute unstable surface training?