Opening Day

I’ve tried blogging before, I really have. I tried a personal blog, a professional blog, a myspace blog, and the problem with all of them is that I tried to censor myself way too much. That’s what I’m going to change in this blog. I’m going to write what I want to write about, while mostly focusing on the Training world and my interactions with it.
While I’m writing this I’m sitting in my living room, sans couch, in my jamie pants, with comedy central on (Rosanne is doing stand up, and wait, yup, she still is an annoying bitch), and over all not being productive. That’s a theme in my life as of late, not watching Rosanne, but not being productive.
With that in mind here’s some things I plan on getting done in the near future:
1. Start Hiking again
2. Check out the Pilates studios around woodland hills
3. Find a highschool to be a volunteer strength coach.
4. Get my CSCS study work done
5. Get back to blogging (check)
6. Go to the docotor about my broken wrist (it’s been about 2 years ladies and gents)
7. Renew my CPR
8. Be epic (more on this in a later blog)

The only real job I’ve ever known is working in a gym. Serously the only other jobs I’ve done don’t really count as jobs; I was a receptionist at my dad’s office and a RA at my college. I wouldn’t exactly call that real world experience. Other than that I’ve worked at 24 hour fitness, a private gym in Lafayette, Spectrum, and at home gyms. I’m kind of a gym whore.

After all this experience with gyms I’ve realized that I really hate corporate gyms. They don’t function well. They don’t treat their employees with the respect they deserve, and what is worse their members are disrespected.

Tyler (His myspace) and I are planing on opening up a gym some time in the future, and from both our experiences with gyms I think its fair to say that we both have learned more about how not to run a fitness facility than how to run one. The disjointed anything for a buck style that dominates the fitness arena is ill fitting to the actual needs of the American population. 58 million people in America are overwieght, and most Americans don’t move nearly enough in the day, so getting a shitload of people in a gym seems like a good idea, right? Not when they don’t have a clue how to do things right. People lifting weights training like chickens with their heads cut off pretending that they are actually getting results and decreasing their health risks or chance of injury (suuuure) with no real instruction as to how to lift properly is about as effective as the last 8 years of presidency.

I’m not even going to mention unrealistic sales quotas for trainers (I’m sorry, I thought I was hired to train people not peddle your wares), and the difficulty in implementing programs or getting events off the ground.

More to come
Stay strong


oh and I realize that I made a blatant baseball reference in the title of this post, mostly to point to the fact that the season (praise the lord) is almost over.

  • Maz

    That was a great read. I could definitely use a training session or two myself, I’m sure. I feel like I haven’t made any real progress in my fitness in the last 3 years. And amen about baseball being over; good lord.

  • Tim

    Good stuff, Kian! I’ve subscribed and will start reading this.

    btw, if you need help with #1, we’re going on a hike Sat 12/13. check the risen boards.