Excited to add 10 pounds of fat?

It’s true. From what I get from recent surveys and studies most people will gain about 5 pounds during the holiday season. That combined with inactivity and muscle atrophy you can expect a weight shift of about 5 pounds of lean body mass to fat with another 5 pounds on top of that to reach a whopping 10 pound weight shift in about 3 months.

If you do a google search most other websites won’t take into account the body fat shift, which is really where you’re going to get nailed on body composition. I mean 5 lbs of body fat look a hellofalot worse than 5 lbs of muscle

Let’s take me for example. I weigh about 195 with a Body Fat percentage around 12. Meaning I have 23lbs of body fat and 172 pounds of lean body mass. If I was an average person I would end up around 200 lbs with 33lbs of body fat and 167lbs of lean body mass from over eating and inactivity. That ups my body fat percentage up to 16%.

That’s sick

Over the next week or so I’m going to give you a few lifestyle strategies you can implement from Thanksgiving through New years and will lead you into summer.

Weigh yourself and have your body fat taken (most gyms will do it for free if you’re a member), and once the holidays end retake those measurements, and I can guarantee if you keep doing what you are doing you’ll see a similar shift in body composition. Pay attention over the next week or so and I can help you avoid the unwanted shift.

Stay Strong

PS. for those of you who think I’m telegraphing my next post with some soft of shitty deprivation methodology you’ll be surprised.