Christmas Gifts

I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas, found joy in their families and friends instead of the junk you got.

I had a ton of fun this morning (day after Christmas) at the gym with the family. I did give in and get them a physical gift, but they are pretty bad ass. I got them all Polar Heart rate monitors and then tested their Anaerobic Thresholds (check out so that they’ll be able to workout in their proper heart rate areas instead of the out dated 220-age “formula”

I love doing that kind of stuff, and one thing I was thinking about while doing it was how cool it was that our entire family would pack into a gym and walk on treadmills together.

(This is about to get corny) You only have one body, so treat it well and make sure that your family is too. Walk together, lift weights together, do something and do it together.

Do it, it’s a ton of fun.


P.S Next week is the next installment of the Soy chronicles

  • Tony

    So are you a big proponent of this 360 Cardio? I need something that will work for me.

  • Kian

    You know the more and more I look at it and do it the more I’m liking it. All you do is walk on a tredmill 3 times a week at specific hear rate zones, but the science behind it look pretty sound. It can get a bit boring though just walking, so I’m not sure if that’s up your alley or not