I Have the Power!

Heman. Captain Planet. Iron man. Chip N Dale. Corey and Sean.

All quintessential participants in my up bringing.

The point that each character made was less important than the simple fact that goals are easier to reach together than they are on your own. That’s why the biggest loser participants see such great results, they have a group of people that are like minded and, despite the competition, encourage one another towards greatness.

I teach a 6am Wednesday bootcamp class at my gym. There are 4 core members to the class who pretty much show up regardless of how much sleep they’re missing, how their body feels etc, because they know that if they miss they are going to get reamed by the other 3. The rest of the class is slowly catching on to their relationship, and instead of being scared away they want in.

People want to be held accountable for their actions, they want a group to achieve with. That’s why playing on an athletic team means so much to so many people, a common goal.

If you’re stuck, board, or lazy about reaching your goals I encourage you to find a group of like minded people and help kick each others asses into high gear.

Be strong