What do you hate?

Tyler and I are doing some research, I’d like to know what you dislike about gyms, and what makes a good gym in your opinion.


  • Maz

    For dislikes, I’d say:

    * Having to wait to use stations, weights, or machines because of crowds.

    * Poorly kept facilities (weights aren’t put away, machines aren’t wiped down after use, etc.)

    * Inconsiderate members who act like they’re the only one using the gym.

    * Televisions or stereos that are too loud (because I listen to my ipod and don’t want to have to crank it crazy loud).

  • Tim

    The biggest reason I don’t use gyms…they’re indoors.

    I’d prefer running/hiking/scrambling/climbing/swimming/whatever in the outdoors any day.

    Exercising in nature is much cheaper, more peaceful, has greater variety, and is much more invigorating.

    I really respect your work, Kian, and I realize that for many, gyms are the only practical way to get a workout, but I personally would only visit a gym as a last resort.