Fitness Expo: Tons of free crap

Got a few minutes to type out what happened this weekend.

If you were a follower of my blogspot blog a year ago you’ll remember me as a human lab rat. For those of you who are new to my life here’s the rundown:

The La Fitness Expo hosted every year at the LA Convention center exists purely for my entertainment. A group of my “peers” gathers to share their knowledge of the industry and peddle their wares, which range from supplements to clothes to funky pieces of exercise equipment. It is awesome. Oh and the main reason we go is that everyone gives you free samples of their supplements.

I’ve cataloged what free things I’ve acquired and will log the results for your entertainment. I’m not sure what the consequences of the human testing is going to be on me, but I love you and am willing to take the risk.

In addition to my diary you’re going to be privy to the experiences of my housemate, Tyler Inloes.
Get excited, there are some things that I am legitimately frightened to consume.
All for you…