Get ready for the beach, part 1

I live in southern California (Woodland Hills, north LA… Kind of in between places really), and the temperature is in the 70’s and 80’s on an average day.
Needless to say beach season here is year round.

For those of you who “cycle” (you know put on some extra for the cool winter months) TODAY is the day you need to start getting ready for your beach body.

Figuring that you can lose about 2lbs a week, and if you do it right most of that will be fat.

This article is about kicking that fat loss into high gear with some intense movements.

Doing these alone won’t get you anywhere. Doing these with a comprehensive nutrition program and training schedule will get you the life and body you want.

1. Squats

Everyone thinks they know how to squat, right? You just, you know, squat down. In reality it’s a complex tripple extension (bare minimum) of the hips knees and ankles resulting in one of the most powerful movements know to man. With my clients in Woodland Hills I always start out with squats and lunges. Those with good form will strengthen your core and legs while warming your body up.

So how do you do a good squat? Sit you butt down. Seriously.

A good squat is just like sitting down in a chair then stopping before your butt touches the seat (providing the seat is just below parallel)

Pretty good body squat

Pretty good body squat.

See how his ass is sticking out and his knees are above his ankles and not over his toes? That’s what you want. If you squat to any less of this you’re really not doing yourself much good.

Tomorrow? The Bur-pee


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P.P.S. I would’ve taken a picture of myself squatting, but I’m at school. Be appreciative, it took me forever to find a decent squat picture