Get ready for the beach, Part 2

Yesterday we talked about Squats. If you don’t squat, you don’t workout.

Today is all about the burpee, also called squat thrusts by some (I don’t like that name because there’s another exercise already using that name).

So what is the burpee?

Again, I’m away from home otherwise I would show you myself, but I found a good video on youtube from Petranek Fitness:

Side note: Don’t follow the woman in blue’s form, she’s got a great heart, but…

Get the idea? Squat down, put your arms in a push-up position, shoot your legs back so you come to a plank (push-up position), jump back to the deep squat, jump up to the sky, repeat.

There are a couple of ways you can mix this exercise into your workout.

  1. Use it as a “finisher,” totally burn out for as many as you can go or for a set time period (say one minute)
  2. Throw in ten between every weight set
  3. pyramid up from 1-10 (do one, do two, do three…etc)

Those are some basic ideas to get you started.

What if you want to do the burpee, but you just can’t handle all the jumping?
Easy, after your squat instead of jumping back to the plank just step one leg back them the other and reverse the process on the way back

What about the psychos that want more of a challenge?
Add a push up at the end of the jump (squat, jump back, push-up…)
On your way down to the squat position start jumping back so that you literally land in the plank (mid squat, jump back)
Add a weighted vest

Tons of fun, right?

So get going, start burpeeing.

Stay tuned for part 3 on Monday (remember to sign up for the newsletter for my E-book!)


P.S. If you’re in Santa Barbara this weekend make sure to come out and support the Westmont Rugby team, 1 O’clock, Elings park

  • cindy

    I loved the women in blue…I think she did a good job trying vs not doing anything at all. That’s probably how I would look doing it or worse–I had never heard of burpee but just might give it a try. THANKS Kian!