I went to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show last week, which on it’s own was a fairly interesting experience. The guests were Kiefer Sutherland from 24 and Malcolm Gladwell who has authored a few best selling books, the most recent being Outliers.

Kiefer was kind of entertaining, no stage presence really, and Jimmy was okay 9not really the best host, but he had his moments). What really got me for the night was Malcolm Gladwell’s interview; a semi-tall skinny man with an afro-esk hair style and a nervous demeanor.

Jimmy attempted to keep the interview light and fluffy, but a lot of what Gladwell had to say was not up to that style. The primes of Outliers is that some people are predisposed to be better at certain things than others because of things outside of their control. Canadian hockey players are most likely to make it to the professional levels if they are born in January and February because the cut off for little league entries is December.

That means that all the kids born in that time slot are going to be the biggest kids in the league since they’re the oldest. They’ll then get special coaching and training making them more likely to succeed at hockey.

An interesting idea in it’s own right, but then he took a turn for the profound. In psychology there’s a rule that to be an expert at anything from pingpong to web design to American Football you have to put in either 10 years or 10,000 hours worth of practice.

A shitload of time.

The first time I hear that statistic I wrote it down in my notebook and continued on.

What it says though is that to be truly great at anything a person has to truely love what they’re doing. They have to be so enamored with their craft that they are willing to put in hours and hours a day to perfect that skill.

How beautiful is that??

You must love what you do to be great. I love that idea.

Today is obviously not just about fitness. It’s about finding the thing in your life that makes you a better person. Falling so in love with what you do that you’re willing to put in over Ten Thousand Hours to be great at it.

Why haven’t you found the thing that will make you have that kind of obsession?


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