Monday Madness

Just a quick blurb really. I was at the gym today, and the lifers were there, the hot moms, the young moms; in short all the dedicated people who make it to the gym year round. On top of that though there were the new years resolutioners.

They show up once a year (or twice depending on if they over lap with the summer belly club) make a ruckus, pay out the nose only to end up out on the streets again just as unhappy or more than when they first started.

Don’t get me wrong, they have really good intentions. The thing is that most of them go in without a plan, or their plan is so jacked up Oscar the grouch would put it on his mantle.

You hear it every year, but I want to hear it from you, what is your fitness plan for this year? I don’t care about your resolutions, I want to know what you are actually going to do and how it’s going to be different from every other time you’ve done it before. capiche?

Go do something today