My life as a Lab Rat: Kick Brix

Yesterday I posted about the LA Fitness Expo and how I’m going to be testing each and every supplement I received, regardless of its possible health risks and or sterilizing properties.

To start things off I ate a Kick Brix chew:

The package

The package

Lets start with what Kick Brix claims as its benefits:

  • More impact than an 8oz energy drink
  • 1/4 the price of an energy drink
  • Faster energy from sublingual absorption
  • Sugar free
  • Handy chewable candy

So what we’re talking about is an energy drink substitute.

After sticking it in my mouth here is what happened.

I’m not going to lie, this stuff tasted like crap. It’s like a Starburst candy with a ton of menthol minty flavor. Plus side is that it is small and doesn’t stick to your teeth, so it goes away quickly with a swig of water.

I ate it about 3 hours ago. Energy spiked durring my 6am bootcamp, haven’t really felt a crash yet.

As far as the sublingual absorption (the fastest route to absorbing things) I found it really hard to keep it in my mouth long enough for it to happen because of the intense mint flavor. My nose is still clear.

Over all I liked it better than a regular energy drink, but I’m still not into the whole upper downer syndrome associated with them. I don’t think that the crash from this chew is going to be as bad as from an AMP’D or a Redbull, but I still hate it.

I’ll put some notes a little later on in the comments on how it effects me later on.


P.S. Here’s the link to the Kick Brix site if you’re interested in them

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