Be a team player

I had the most unfortunate recommendation from my doctor to not play rugby until I met with  surgeon. That was a month or two ago.

Thankfully the orthopedic surgeon told me that I could play up to the day of my surgery (a wrist thing).

I took the field this past Saturday and holly hell it’s like I had been living in a fog for 2 months. There was a part of me that had died.

Part of it was the contact, part of it was the game itself. But what really made it was the team. Being accountable to the guys I was playing with, knowing that if I didn’t get off of my ass and run that they could get leveled.

I love being part of a team. I love the game.

What a lot of people forget about fitness and staying in shape is that it is supposed to be fun. Our bodies were meant to move and we are supposed to enjoy it.

One of my clients used to be a badass at Karate, and somewhere in her life kids and her career got it the way. A lot of frustrating hours in the gym and programs that didn’t work for her left her drained and almost hating working out.

After a bit of soul searching she finally decided that it was time to rejoin her Karate class.

Before she even told me I knew she was on fire inside, her workout that day was awesome, she pushed hard and lifted big.

She was inspired.

Finding a purpose to workout changed EVERYTHING for her. Instead of workout to “look cute” or whatever she found what flipped her switch and made her want to workout again and love it.

I need you to find that thing that will flip your switch, your inspiration.

When I was in college one of my favorite professors, Dr. Spencer talked about Anima a lot. Anima is the inner drive, the life behind the action. It’s the difference being good and being fantastic at what you do.

Anima is your life blood for when you don’t “feel” like working out, it’s what gets you up and hour early to go on a run, or skip out on the elegant luncheon and hit the weights. It is your fire and your passion to live.

Without it you will be one of the 999 people that will fail at their goals.

Be the one in one thousand and find your ANIMA!


P.S. On-line training group is coming soon, it’s going to be the fuel to your fire.