My life as a lab rat: First Order

My recent kick as been going through the pre workout supplements I got at the LA Fitness Expo.

Last time I talked about Kick Brix, today it’s all about Body Well Nutrition’s First Order.

Let’s start with the claims of the supplement. On the cover the claims are as follows: Delay fatigue, Train Harder, Recover faster. They also claim that it is a pre, during and post workout formula; that by itself is enough to raise my ears (the pre, during, & post nutrition debate is huuuge, boiling it down, I frankly don’t believe that any one drink/supplement/meal can cover all three).

Dialing in at only 10 calories, First Order has very little nutritional value, and loaded with a Ginko biloba Beta-Alanine cocktail.

Taste wise I had the Lemonade flavor. Taste was not all that bad. I’m committed to make each supplement according to their directions, and with only 4-6oz of water it was way too sweet for me.

After drinking the thing I felt… nothing really. My workout was the same, my mind was about the same, and the next day my legs still hurt as bad as if I hadn’t have taken it.

Really the only side effect was a nervous energy that lasted for about 30 minutes. If that’s their definition of “Training harder” than bravo! They’ve done it.

My recommendation: Skip it.

NO EXPLODE on the horizon for next round. Despite how long I’ve been in the game and how long explode’s been on the market I’ve yet to try it.