My Life As a Lab Rat: NO Xplode

Every since working my first fitness job as a front desker at 24 Hour Fitness NO products have been flying off of the shelves. NO Xplode being the most popular of all these products.

Before I dive into my experience with NO Xplode I want to tell you why it’s taken me this long to take the stuff.


None what so ever, and the assumed method of action is enough to scare the shit out of me. At each muscle contraction there is a tiny amount of Nitrous Oxide released, and by taking a NO boosting supplement the idea is that more NO is released per contraction.

What that is supposed to do is cause an increased dilation in your veins and increased number of muscle twitches (firings, or contractions). Even if that is true, who would willingly want to mess with their blood and veins without any science backing up the product?

That’s why I waited this long to try NO Xplode.

Surprisingly it tasted pretty okay, some blue berry flavor mixed in with about 6 oz of juice.

After waiting about 20 minutes I went down to the gym to workout, and all I felt was…

Nervous energy, no increased muscle pump, no increased desire to workout, nada.

Which I guess i better than what could have happend with all the vein dilation.

Over all, not a terrible product. My recommendation?

If you have it finish the bottle, if you don’t don’t get it.