Take the stairs to work

Not only will you burn a some extra calories that way, but you’ll gain some strength and stave off heart conditions.

That’s not what I really mean though. I had an awesome workout in about 20 minutes, and all I had was a set of stairs.
1 flight, so about 30 steps

and I kicked my ass.

Here’s the workout



Exercise Reps
Deep Squats 20
Body Weight Lunges 10 each
Side Lunges 10 each
Butt Kickers 20 each
High Knees 20 Each
Abs (your choice, 3 exercises) 30x30x30
Line Hops 20 forward 20 sideways

And after you’re good and warm get to the bottom of the stairs:


Exercise Number
Singles 5
Doubles 5
Sidways (both feat) 5 (per side)
Single Hops 5
Double hops 5

That’s it. If you need more then you’re not going fast enough.