Focus on the Family

Who you live with is going to change how you get the results you get big time. Do you have kids, a husband, roommates, live alone? Who challenges you to be better? Who is going to force you to get worse? I'm telling you there is NO way in hell that you will stay the same day to day. You will get better or you will get worse. I don't want to obsess about it, because that's not the point, but you need some people in your life who are going to make you better.

Take that a step further, what do the people in you life bring into your home. What about your kitchen?

What do they bring to the table, and let's be literal.

My roommate is really good about not buying crap that we shouldn't eat, but we both bring junk into the house every now and then.

He brings some ice cream –I'll nab a bar of dark chocolate — and in moderation, under control, we can handle it. In fact we almost need it.

A few months ago when I was living under some different circumstances my roommates brought crap through the doors on a regular basis. Even though it was on their shelf and I wasn't going to eat it, just having it there messed with my mind.

If you have kids do they talk you into bringing candy home that you know your family shouldn't be eating (hello type II diabetes). Does your wife get those cravings once every, I don't know, month? then does that crap just sit around until one of you ends up eating it? I'm all for enjoying your food but really folks, you don't need to eat all that shit.

Control what goes in your mouth. Control what comes into your house. Say no when your roommate wants to grab the crap at the grocery store that you both know you shouldn't stuff down your throat. Nutrition is not hard. What is hard is controlling yourself and eating what you know you should and avoiding what will kill you.

At bootcamp this morning we were doing suicide sprints, and after a round of them one of the guys made the comment that, "Kian must not like us very much" or something to that effect. I got so pissed. The WHOLE reason I work in the fitness world is because I want people to live the most fulfilling lives they can lead. I made them do sprint because I want them to die at a nice old age, not of a heart attack at 57.

Do you understand the severity of our situation people? WE are the fattest nation IN THE WORLD. WE have the FATTEST CHILDREN in recordable history.


One of the saddest things Ive ever seen

WE have the highest rate of PREVENTABLE death.

WE do it to ourselves and if we just exercised some control with what we stuff down our face maybe we could focus on pulling our selves out of the economical hole we are in instead of wondering which skank Bret Michaels is going to kick off his STD bus next.


Really? Who gives a crap?

Focus on who you want to become and I guarantee it's not an over weight 60 year old, you can be living a happy and fit life at any age and I know for a fact you can do it.

Get off your ass and clear out all the crap in your kitchen that is slowly killing you.

Do it now.


P.S. you think I'm joking? Look at this and tell me you don't want to go eat some broccoli

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    great title.