Pilates… A LOT of Pilates

I’ve been MIA for the last week because of Pilates

I’m working on finishing up my full STOTT Pilates Certification, which is a ton of fun but combined with the rest of my life… well you can see the results on my time.

BUT you can also see the results on my body. My posture’s looking better and my core strength is through the roof.

My plan? I’m going to teach you some of the EASIEST moves you can do on your own, in your own house, without any extra equipment.

To start things off we already talked about breathing here

I want to jump into a specific exercise that’s going to really emphasis your breathing patterns.

In the STOTT Pilates repertoire the exercise is even called breathing, so we are set.

(I’m away from my camera so no pictures or videos of me, but I’m sure you’ll live)

To start sit on the ground with your knees slightly bent and together.

Like Her

Like Her

Inhale into the back and sides of your lungs, then as you exhale I want you to nod you chin and roll through your spine until you end up looking something like this:

focus on the length in your spine

focus on the length in your spine

Take a few solid breaths here, again always breathing towards the back and sides of your lungs.

On your last exhale you are going to sequence through your spine from tail to head until you’re sitting upright again, keep your chin nodded until it’s the last thing to come up.

If sitting in that position isn’t comfortable for you you can sit criss cross apple sauce or sit up on a chair and do the breathing that way.

If you want to add some extra movement then put our legs out in front of you about shoulder distance apart, just be careful not to make this a hamstring stretch.

The goal for doing this exercise is the mobilize your spine and get you focusing on your breath patterns

You can tell hes breathing into the sides of his lungs

You can tell he's breathing into the sides of his lungs

Do this today.

Do this right now

You can seriously do this as soon as you’ve finished reading this post.

Some core work to come tomorrow



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    Hey Kian

    Great info and an awesome place to get people started on moving with their breath!

    And thanks for the link to my website!!

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