Cardio Conundrum

Did you see John Berardi post about cardio yesterday?

I tweeted about it but didn’t put it on the site, if you missed it you can read it here. It’s a longer read, so I’ll sum it up for you here

Pretty much JB took 3 groups of people all consisting of trained individuals of similar fitness level and age and put them all on the same strength training program developed by Alwyn Cosgrove, and then put them all on different cardio programs. Group 1 was with steady state cardio (running for 30 minutes), group 2 was HIIT (sprint for a given time, then rest for a given time), and group 3 used the TRX trainer (I’m not really too sure how that one works).

The goal was to see, if all other things being equal, which program would get you to lose the most fat.

Funny thing is that when the study was over group 1, Steady State Cardio had the greatest fat loss. BUT, and it is a HUGE but, they had the highest rate of attrition, by the end of the study 80% of the group quit.


What does that mean? It means people HATE steady state cardio. It is BORING!!

Plus the difference in fat loss was pretty small, so the take away? Do sprints, do TRX, run your little heart out, and for a trained person (these people had about 8 years of training) you will lose about the same amount of fat.


Let’s say you’re a runner, your body has gotten used to running and jogging and your fat loss levels are in the TANK. So if your goal is fat loss, and let’s not lie we all want fat loss, then you must change things up, do sprints, swim, get on a bike, whatever but to see real results your body needs differing stimuli.

For an untrained person I’m still sticking to a higher intensity workout for fat loss, more intensity more results less time.

What I want you to do is look at the long term effects of HIIT (interval training) and steady state cardio on your physique and you’ve got to come to one conclusion.

Marathon Runners:

Marathonner #1

Marathonner #1

Marathonner #2

Marathonner #2


Sprinter #1

Sprinter #1

Sprinter #2

Sprinter #2

Looking at the top level athletes who represent interval training and steady state cardio, who would you rather look like the marathoner or the sprinter?

That’s right the sprinter (if you answered marathoner you are a sick individual), and ladies let me tell you from a guys perspective that kind of body is much more attractive than the marathon nothing to it kind of body.

Whenever I train my clients in Woodland Hills I ALWAYS tell them to do sprints instead of steady state, it’s a lot more entertaining and over time produces a more muscular body.

Moral of the story:

Go do some sprints


P.S. some of you have been telling me that you’ve been having trouble accessing the site, working on it, I think it’s an Internet Explorer conflict.

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