Today is my birthday.

I know, hurray! Another year has gone by since my escape from the womb.

Thank my Mom

I’ve been working hard to get this site back up and running. I didn’t like the look, the interface, or much else, so on this, the day of my birth, I’m giving you the gift of a new

On top of the new aethetics I’m going to put out FOUR articles today.

1 on Fitness

1 on Nutrition

1 on Lifestyle

1 on Pilates

These aren’t going to be just any articles, these are going to get you going and help you realize your goals.

Get ready to hit it


  • brooke

    Hey Kian, I follow you on Twitter, too (raincitygurl) — and I was involved in fitness back in the day when we went through more rigorous training! In any case, I’ve been teaching classes at some of the big chains for a while, and your article seriously resonates with me… I have an anatomy background (used to teach) as well as a keen interest plus being almost done with my BBU cert, so one gym has asked me to train for them in the past — BUT I just can’t get over the fact that it’s so sales-driven! That is *not* what it’s about!!! I know they have to make enough money to run the business, but it seems to go so far beyond that. And while a few of the trainers seem to have a sense of professionalism and take their job above and beyond, some o the things I hear… !!! lie on back/knees to chest for a hip flexor stretch was one thing I heard. Another thing I heard (at a different chain) was not to get your HR above 75% of max, or you’ll lose muscle mass. It saddens me that clients get some of this misinformation, yet I don’t want to insult my coworkers/peers by telling the gym members that “such-and-such is wrong” — you know?
    Oh well… no industry is perfect, eh… ? :)

  • Kian

    Hey Brooke,
    it saddens me that working with our own bodies has been cheapened to such a low standard. That hip flexor stretch would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad!
    The thing I’ve found is that if the people who know what we’re doing continue to saturate the market than eventually we’re going to push all those cheap junkies out.
    I know what you mean about the whole down talking co-workers stuff too, smile nod and move on is my tactic 😀