Why I hate personal trainers Part Duece B: More trainer profiles


Part three of the series, check out part’s one and two before you read this.

Time for action

No bull shitting this time, let’s just jump straight into it.

The Meat Head

Have you ever seen the TV show Scrubs? If not I highly recommend it, some of the funniest things I’ve seen on TV. There’s a character in the show who’s a surgeon and a meat head, his name is the Todd. He is your perfect example of the guy at work who works out way too much. Here’s an example:


Let me explain to you the evolution of the Meat Head.

  1. Started working out
  2. Started seeing results
  3. People started asking them how they got those results
  4. Not really knowing they make things up
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 multiple times
  6. They figure they should be a personal trainer


  • Fun to workout with
  • Typically has a lot of unique exercises in his repertoire
  • Knows a lot of people at the gym, makes for a good social hour
  • Not as high energy as the Yeller but enough to push you
  • Will focus on getting you to look good


  • No real knowledge base in Kinesiology (that’s the study of the body in motion)
  • Those unique exercises are unique for a reason, either ineffective, pointless, or dangerous
  • You won’t get a lot of focus on exercise form
  • He can get really distracted with all the people he knows

All in all not the worst choice. But here’s the catch, if you are considered a special population (injured, over 50, health risks etc etc) I would not recommend working out with someone like this. If you’re a healthy individual who knows their body, fine. Just know your limits, way too often I’ve seen people get hurt because they were pushing themselves to look sexy with no regard to their physical health and this guy won’t be paying much attention to that either.

The Crazy Person, aka. The Balance "Specialist"

Now I love balance, but this person will take it to the next level, and in a very not good way. Standing on one foot, fine. Using a dynadisc, fine. Kneeling on a Swiss ball, sure. Loading up a bar with 135 lbs and standing on a Swiss ball to do squats…. Ridiculous.



This is not a healthy activity

I don’t care who you are this is really dumb.



Not every balance specialist is a damned fool, but a lot of them, for the sake of being novel, choose to use exercises that look insane. Guess what, they are insane.


  • You feel like a bad ass. Who else can do the stuff you’re doing?
  • Every workout will have something new
  • You will get a mental workout as well; if you don’t focus you will fall
  • You will have better balance
  • Usually have a good amount of experience and for some reason a quality certification


  • This is a dangerous game you are playing
  • Chance for injury is sky high
  • Risk to benefit ratio…In the can
  • Balance, even without all the insanity, is a controversial type of training

Overall balance training can be a good thing, just know your limit. If your trainer wants you to do hand stand push-ups on a BoSu ball and you’re not comfortable then don’t do it. A lot of times people forget that they are the masters of their own bodies when working with a trainer. Yes not doing what we say is like going against what your financial adviser says, and yes we probably know your body better than you, but if you don’t feel comfortable and aren’t 100% into it then the chances of injury or failure with any kind of training sky rockets.




Ok that’s enough for now I’m working on a killer site with Tyler and a training program with Jason and Dennis for people in LA. You have a good day, More stuff tomorrow


P.S. If you’re in LA and want to be in a promo video for our fitness program send me and e-mail: Kian@amelitraining.com

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