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I Want, You Know, To Tone Up

A lot of the people I talk to about fitness have a lot of major misconceptions about fitness: Biceps curls should be done in the squat rack, squats are bad for your knees, the more instability you introduce the better, and my personal favorite —> there are workouts for men and workouts for women. It blows my mind that there is a huge majority of women who think that they need to do 1000 reps at 2 pounds and it will make them sexy. For guys, well that's another story for a different post, but mostly it involves a disbelief in stretching, core work, and cardio.

I listen to a lot of fitness professionals radio programs and podcasts, and the range of advice ranges from excellent, to terrible , to dangerous, to just plain silly. A common theme in the questions that are asked by women is about how to lose weight without bulking up.

I am going to give you the answer. Tomorrow

Before I do I want to address some of the concerns and objections women typically have.

1. Objection: I know my body, as soon as I start lifting weights I get really big really fast.

My Answer: If it's within the first 3 months that you're "bulking up" than don't worry about it. Seriously. What's going on is that your muscles are being torn by weight training and your body, with the intent of repairing your muscles, sends more blood to the area to fix it and get more nutrients to the muscle. Think about sports injuries, when you twist your ankle it swells up, right? Same crap. Your body is adapting to a new input. Stick with your weight program for a minimum of three months.

If you've been working out for a while and are still afraid of increasing the weight that you're lifting I'm going to share a BIG secret with you. This objection is usually followed by something like this, "I don't want to look like one of those body builders." This is frustrating to me. Do you know how much WORK those chicks put it? Do you know how much focus they have? You've got to be high to think that without that much determination you are going to bulk up.

For 1 women don't have enough testosterone to get really bulky. It's not a secret that a lot of body builders use steroids, even the women.

2 it takes YEARS to get that big naturally. If you workout consistently and are crazy motivated to get big than you might get there in one to two years. Otherwise you must stop thinking that you are going to get "bulky." 

So true. Girly girls are sexy too

2.Objection: I don't want to do weight training, I just want to get thin

My Answer: Yo! are you serious? There are going to be two HUUUUUGE reasons that you need to lift weights.

1. The more muscle you have on your body the more fat you burn. Without digging into it too much 1 pound of muscle will burn an extra 50 calories every day without you doing anything extra. So if your goal is to lose weight than the more muscle you have on your body the more calories you burn doing nothing. If you don't lift a single weight and do only cardio you are destroying your overall results.

Oh and PS, one pound of muscle is more dense than one pound of fat, meaning that it's smaller. Get it?

2. Posture. A girl that is hunched over and thin is not as attractive as a woman with more muscle who is properly proportioned with their posture. Cardio does nothing for your over all look besides fat loss. If you want to stay healthy for longer than you need to work your muscles out, increase their size and improve not only how you look but how you hold yourself and move. Cardio does none of that.

Objection 3: Lifting weights makes me look fatter

My Answer: If you have more than 20 pounds to lose than yes, lifting weights might make you look fatter for a while. Let's go back to my last answer, you burn more calories with more muscle. What does that mean? You lose weight faster! hurray! So it might look like you're putting weight on for the first 2 to 3 months, but over all you are going to get to your goals at least 10 times faster.


Tomorrow I'll give you a workout that you can take to the gym right away and do tomorrow so that you can lift some weights and not get bulky.

Oh and here's why you can trust me on this one: Would I want people who say they read my blog walking around looking fat? That's right I want you to look sexy.


  • Erika

    This is gonna sound silly and/or vain (but heck that’s one major motivator in my workouts)what about chest muscles? I don’t want those muscles to diminish the ladies upstairs…can they get a pick-me-up without having to reduce their presence…?

  • Kian

    Ahh yes the girls upstairs, or downstars… Depends on your frame of reference I guess. They’re made mostly of fat tissue, and the only way they will shrink is if you lose total body fat, not by doing chest exercises. It’s a genetic predisposition as to where you lose fat from first, some people it comes off the belly first then the butt and thighs, sometimes it’s the chest or arms. It really depends on what your body wants to do when you lose fat, we haven’t figured out a way to sport reduce yet.
    Toning the muscles around and under them can actually make them look bigger on some women.
    And vanity? Psh most people I work with want to look good naked and that’s it

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