Obesity, the rising cost of health care

Being Over Weight Costs More

No duh right? More medical risks from heart disease, increased chance at type two diabetes, it’s harder to get around, stairs become a challenge. That all sucks a lot.

What’s worse is that now that more and more people are letting themselves get to the obese level hospitals are starting to have to adjust to the fact that they are responding to larger and larger people. They have new ambulances, beds, lifts and what not, but the cost for this equipment is more. A lot more

In the past when EMS arrived at a scene they sometimes had to wait for back up so they would have the manpower to lift an obese person. Now with a the ambulances equipped with a lift and larger beds they won’t have to. This makes response times a lot quicker and makes it so that transport and care can be quicker.

ABC came out with an article outlining they new equipment and obesity costs, and they bring up an interesting point: who should pay for it? Should the costs be focused only on those who use the equipment or should it be absorbed by the general health care public?

Both choices suck. And it kind of pisses me off that this is our solution to the obesity epidemic. Instead of taking this on from the front we are treating the symptoms not finding a cure. Yes obese people require new accomidations, and yes we should be taking measure to make sure that they get the best care possible.

What isn’t happening is the preventative measure. Only in very rare cases is obesity NOT a preventable disease. With fitness and psychological coaching and obese person can reach a normal weight fairly easily. I don’t like this widening gap between the obese and the fit, the middle ground is disapearing and that is a terrible message. It says that either someone is obese or they are SUPER fit; living in a place with a healthy body weight is undesirable.

The bottom line is that you can live a healthy life without having a beer belly or a six pack. A normal amount of fat is FINESure he looks great, you don't have to

You don’t have to live in the gym

Are you happy?

It may seem obvious but with the widening gap between the fit people and the obese and the narrowing reagion of normal people it’s obvious that this isn’t a no duh issue.

I think too many people are scared of saying that being healthy is their goal. It’s about loosing 80, 40, 22, pounds NOT about reaching a healthy weight wherever it might lead you. Having a body type goal is GREAT, without specific goals people tend to fail, but let’s focus on what’s important not just about looking sexy.

This is one of the only times you are going to hear me say this. Normal is okay, you don’t have to be 8% body fat. Be healthy. Ladies be curvy. Men you don’t need a six pack.

Normal is okay


Oh here’s the link to the ABC article