Updating My People


A New Place, or is it?

I thought that I would update all of you who don’t listen to my podcast. (Side note: If you’re saying what podcast??? Head over to www.truefitnessacademy.com). If you don’t know I’ve moved from LA to the Bay Area, Walnut Creek to be specific.

What prompted this move you might ask? Well there are many reasons, so let’s start with the obvious. LA is a shit hole. Now I’m not talking about the people there; despite it’s insane over population, I really do value the relationships that I made in LA. Let’s go back to this notion of "insane over population." LA is a desert, was, is, and always will be a desert.















When you combine that with the best freeway system in the world, which is sadly true, then you get a hot, crowded, city that has nothing to offer people but other people. The reason a lot of people move there is because other people they know moved there, it’s almost a comedy of errors really. Sure there are people who legitimately love LA, and god bless um, and there are people there who are trying to "make it" but for the most part we all move to LA because of someone or something else.

Taking that into account, that is the reason I moved to LA. Tyler was going to school down there, I wasn’t really doing anything in Santa Barbara, and whamo I’m in LA. So that would be reason 1.

Reason 2? I wasn’t really doing anything in LA. I like my job, I liked the people I was hanging out with, school… well I decided to not continue at CSUN, (side note deuce: I’m going to look at other options later on, don’t you worry), so there wasn’t really anything holding my there. I was happy, but there were no more challenges.

Here’s the take away: I don’t think that we are meant to live a content life. What I mean by that is if you surround yourself with people or live in a place that drag you down you will live up to the expectations of those circumstances. If you live with a bunch of fat people with fat food, guess what? You’re probably going to be fat. If you live with some hardcore runners than you’re probably going to be a runner too.

Where we live and who we interact with effects us more than we know, and to not realize that is not only a mistake, it is foolish.



Side note three: I was listening to a podcast while writing this and the guest on the show is talking about how he is a vegan, which I am fine with. Then he bursts out with this dumb ass comment: Casein in cheese is guaranteed to give you cancer and there is no way that you can digest meat. I hate when people claim things that have no basis in science.