A Yellow Wood

Now I'm not one to spill my inner turmoil out onto others, but I think this is a good medium to voice some non training concerns I have about the future of my life.

At this point I'm 24, not quite a quarter of a century yet but hot damn it's close. It's also a time in my life where I'm starting to realize that what I do and the choices I make are going to have a lot more impact on the future course of my life than previous decisions. Where I live, who I live with, where I work, etc.

The real catch and bother that I've been wrestling with the past month or so has a lot to do with the "where to live?" question.

In all actuality the where to live question is a much bigger one than it may seem. Let me lay out the two paths that I have in front of me and their potential benefits as well as what I would be leaving behind or missing out on.

For some pre-knowledge, I have a commitment to my lease until the end of October, and I'm starting an online masters program this month. Despite that making this choice is going to impact how I act. Enough foreplay.

1. I set some roots down in Walnut Creek, or somewhere in the bay area. I've already got a job that I like with people who I like to work with (which is a hard thing to get in the gym world). I've been given a lot of encouragement and freedom from the management at the club that would make it easy to build a great clientele.

Check out their website: Walnut Creek Sport and Fitness.

It's a really good place to work and workout.

I also would then have the grounding and home base to explore options in opening up my own facility, which is my eventual end goal regardless of the path I take. This is one of the enticing reasons to stay in the area, I would be able to start and build my own business while still in my mid 20's instead of having to wait until later in life.

Some of the cons? Well I grew up here. That combined with a ripe sense of adventure isn't all that appealing to me from a life experience standpoint. While the lifestyle I would be building towards would grant me the financial freedom to travel quite a bit, I wouldn't be able to make meaningful connections in those places that I travel.

2. Wait this year out, kick ass at the gym and make a lot of money, apply for a masters program in nutrition at the University of Sydney Australia. I just like the way this one sounds a lot better. I would be living in Australia for Peet's sake!

Plus I would get to kick it with guys like this:

In all honesty I like the Idea of moving to another country and spending time there, really get a good community built. Plus I would come out of there with a great education; Australia is one of the premier fitness research locations.

Besides the education and sheer greatness factor of moving to another country the move would allow me to spend more time really figuring out what the hell I want to do with my life. Not saying I couldn't do that where I am, but I like the perspective that I get when I'm forced into situations with new people and I have to decide what my behavior and attitude will be like. It's a cleansing.

Oh, and they also play rugby like no one's business there.

On the negative side of things would be the positives of staying, I wouldn't have as many opportunities at the gym I'm working with, my dreams of having my own business before I'm 30 would be much more difficult to realize. Also as far as relationships go I would be confined to Australian women, which is not all together bad. But there the whole immigration thing (for either of us) if shit were to get serious.

I know a lot of what I'm talking about is the "what if" game, but I'm okay with that. I think it's appropriate to play out some of the possible situations I might be confronted with the the next few years. I also know 30 isn't all that old, but like I said, I'm turning 25 this year and a quarter of a century is a big thing for me.

Pop me your thoughts in the comments section below.



  • http://erikamb.wordpress.com/ Erika

    As a fellow bay area native who broke free of the monotony and went on an adventure to the tundra that is Michigan. I must vote for Australia.
    If you think about the pro’s contained in your first option, they are really pro’s at any time in life. However choosing to stay somewhere, where the people are great becomes a very dangerous incentive. Any one of them could choose to leave at any time for any reason AND be replace by somebody who could be absolutely toxic to your life. Also while opening up your own business by the time you’re 30 would be an amazing feat, the world would not crumble if it was delayed by a few years.
    The opportunity to uproot does not always present itself, but when you get it, you’ll learn so much not just about where you go but about yourself. I’ve learned so much about how I react and grow with new situations and difficulties. I feel truly independent.
    Call me if you want to know more about the benefits of adventure and cut loosing of everything you know. I could go on forever. :o)


  • http://girltweetseats.wordpress.com Kate from New Zealand

    I hear the crossroads, I’m feeling a bit like that having just finished my Master’s actually. You’re young -my age actually also, if you ever want to experience the world, it’s now. The experience you get overseas is priceless, and would definitely work to your favor if you’re wanting to own a business etc by the time you’re 30. If you stay put -you’ll never know. If you stay and work, work, work, maybe later you’ll travel, but maybe later you’ll also have regrets. But maybe you won’t. I’m for the bigger move (New Zealand’s great too -I’m damn patriotic obviously!).
    What you have now will always be there, you can always go back. It’ll be there, friends will be there. However, obviously the decision is yours, and whatever it is, it’ll be right for you. :)

  • John Mackey

    Dude, wake up, it’s just geography! The old saying “You can never go back home” is true. If you leave then things back home continue on withoutyou. People move on, get married, divorced, change jobs, friends, interests etc. For 27 years I moved around an average of every 2 years and tried to come home to El Sobrante each time I moved. It wasn’t home anymore after the first 4 years. People are what makes life exciting and I hear there are plenty of people in the Bay Area. I enjoyed ALMOST everywhere I lived or visited and I think I have more experience in this than most other people. Now that I’m old and broke down I look back and wouldn’t change a thing. I missed seeing my nieces and nephews grow up and my kids missed out on growing up around family. Was it worth the trade off for living in Italy, Guam,Arizona, Texas etc? Don’t know but it was different than had I stayed at home. I love Alaska and wish I’d come here while in my twenties but I didn’t – but I’m here now! Family, friends, weird people and oddballs make life interesting, location is just a foundation for your feet to stand on….. unless your somewhere people are shooting at you. I suggest you stay away from those places. Go where the opportunities are and vacation to the locations you’d like to see. Get rich and take your uncle on an African Safari! Good luck with whatever you do.