How I lost 5 pounds on vacation

If you didn't know already, I was on vacation last week; it was awesome. An all inclusive resort, free food, free booze, and on and on. The best part?

I lost 5 pounds


It's not cuz I'm some crazy fitness nut (I am), or because I deprived myself. I thoroughly enjoyed myself on this trip. I ate, I drank, I sat by the pool all day, worked out maybe 3 times, and had a total blast.

How did I lose those 5 pounds then?


I didn't go crazy

Most people on this trip ordered 4 appetizers, three main courses, and 5 deserts. It was insane!

Literally hearing them order made me sick. Not only did in reinforce that damned stereotype of Americans being fat and lazy, it made them look like total slobs.

Fat American?

The first night that we were at the resort we went to the Mexican restaurant there, the waiter MADE use order at least one appetizer for the table. It was good and all, but after the main course he was shocked that we didn't want desert.

Sure sure, later on in the trip we ended up ordering desert, but if it wasn't good we didn't eat it.

The main thrust here is the regardless of where you are, what you're doing, or where you choose to eat portion control is still what is going to keep you making the gains AND losses that you want.

On top of all that we stayed active. Instead of taking the shuttles they had to take us around the campus, we walked. We took the fun classes they had, and just had a total ball. 

Vacation is still a time to enjoy yourself, but you've got to remember:

Movement is the essence of life

Keep up the good work