This Is Bigger Than You

I try to avoid watching a whole lot of TV, it's mostly boring crap anyway, but I've been glued to a new show: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. It's one of those food shows, sure, but it is a serious wake-up call to America. The skinny of it is this: British Chef (the naked one, remember), comes to America to help us fix our school lunch programs and start educating our children with good food knowledge. Simple enough right?

Wrong. This show is fu*!@$g EMBARRASSING! It makes me seriously consider why I do what I do. 

Need an example? Let's start out with this. Day 1 at school: Jamie walks in to view how they serve and do things before making any changes. What is the first thing he sees? Pizza for BREAKFAST. Are you kidding me? The program goes on to show numerous other food travesties, chicken nuggets for lunch AND diner, children who don't even know how to use a knife properly, and on and on.

After I got over my anger I started to think, what can we, like you and me, do to help make this change? If we just sit back and let the government mandate what our kids eat they are going to get fed total crap and grow up to die at a young age. I don't even have kids and this makes me sick. 

I want to start an initiative in Walnut Creek to make sure that our kids eat good food, and aren't allowed access to foods that are going to make them fat. There is no excuse anymore. 

What I need from you is help, I need ideas, I need support, I need bodies. If this crisis doesn't SICKEN you to your core, then I honestly don't know what will. 

Pop me an E-mail, and let's figure this out