Hanging out in Nashville

I'm in Nashville TN right now waiting for my girlfriend to finish drying her hair. It's been amazing spending time with her over these last few days; I'm hoping that Sunday will pause for some time… It's foolish to be writing about this on a fitness blog, so I figured out a way to talk about my love life AND throw some fitness tips your way (thoughtful I know). 

One of Anna's passions is rock climbing, something I haven't done in years, and admittedly something I had been slightly avoiding for some time. I love heights, they turn my on a bit, so it's not that. No, I broke my wrist a few years ago and a few misdiagnosis, moves, and Dr. switches later it's still broken. A range of motion that I tend to avoid is the push-up position, or even downward facing dog in Yoga. I stress myself out, my right side dominates. All bad things. 

When she told me that a few friends had invited her climbing today, it wasn't that I was scared, just not thrilled. I knew that this was a massive love in her life, so at the worst I would pay to get in, do something to my wrist and just belay for the rest of the afternoon. 

We roll up to the unassuming building after a fairly productive study session at the Frothy Monkey, yes I thought about buying the place on the spot. Typical climbing gym local, tucked away next to a dance studio with the exterior that once used to be a warehouse. Remember I have been climbing before

Greeted by the standard rock climbing staff, read disheveled hair, scruffy beard, single gender, and a gleam in their eye that says "I could do this shit with my eyes closed and arms behind my back." Oh and add the Tennessee charm for good luck.

Prereq: Belay class. I was thankful for this, because while I had belayed many times I wanted to make sure that I didn't accidently kill someone.

Downside: High school kid was teaching us. It was his first job ever. 

The typical, this part goes through that hole (sexual joke here), pull here to make this happen (read first parenthesis of sentence), and on and on.

Then… Well then was the question, "Who want to go first?" Well I guess if I was going to break something why not do it with the Rock Climbing Kid watching? It might be a kick. 

Climb on.. Famous last words? Well since you're reading this, probably not. Unless I busted my hands and voice box and am writing this through a scribe.

More on this later, I'm going to a biker bar