Nashville Part 2

Where did we leave off?

Oh right, rock climbing kid, biker bar. 

I roped in, totally unsure if the kid on the opposite rope had any clue what he was doing; an oddity of climbing to consciously allow a complete stranger to hold your life in their hands. Seeing as this was a practice run, no thought was put to the actual route I was going to be climbing.

Side note: The way that climbing routes are rated are with a subjective number system. The first number is 5, meaning that you're pretty much going straight up and most people would like a rope or something to either hold on to or as a fail safe. The second number is the actual difficulty of the run. 5.8 would be an example. Here's the Wiki link in case you want to know more: Climbing Grade Wiki

Now then… I'm hooked in and ready to rock. Climbing verbiage spoken, so all that was left to do was, well climb. 

First hold… Fine considering I wasn't even off of the ground yet

Second hold… Also fine, this is my good hand

Foot hold… Now here was the real test, once I was supporting my own body weight without the aid of anything else that's when the potential for excrutiating pain would happen. Strangely nothing did.

A few more holds and still pain free. So I kicked it into a bit more of a clip, and well hot damn! I felt fine. In fact the Climbing Kid actually had me slow down so that the kid belaying me could keep up. Totally bad ass. 

Now I'm not saying I'm a guru in climbing now or anything, hell the hardest route I tried I got 2/3's up a 5.8. Not bad for a first time out in forever.

Now let's think about how this will actually change your life. 

My sticking point for the last 3 years has been my wrist (I know Mom and Anna, I know), and the manifestation of that has been to avoid rock climbing, even with some really good friends, and even when it sounded like a total blast. I was pushed a little bit, and Wham-O! NO problem! 

My friend Emily had always been afraid of running because she thought that weight would hold her back. Did it? HELL NO! Check out her blog, she's leaking some of her story now: Running Fat Girl Away

What's YOUR sticking point? What makes you feel illy willy? I guarantee that you can kick the living crap out of it if you take the 12 minutes to actually try. Running, climbing, talking to that cute girl. I don't care.

Tell me your story, what's got you stuck right now?

  • Vanessa Anaya

    Kian, I really like reading your blog!  
    Rock Climbing is how I got over my sticking point also.  Only, my sticking point wasn't physical, but rather a real life-long fear of hights.  (For example, Mt. Whitney's 97 switchbacks were a breeze compared to the huge mental toll the exposed ridge trail at the top took on me.) BUT, I started climbing a year and a half ago to challenge my fear and now indoor climbing is my regular sport – I really love it more than almost any other sport I've done!
    Just wanted to share my sticking point! Keep up the blog – it's great to see you do what you love!

  • Kian

    Thanks Vanessa! 

    I didn't know that about you, glad that you got over that sticking point and have made it part of your regular routine. We should go play at the wall next time you're in town.