Over Come Your Fear: Dealing With The Lizard Brain

Your lizard brain

This guy doesn't want you to get healthy

Why does evolution want you to fail?

It seems like so often people blame their current situation on their genes. How many times have you heard (or said), “It’s just how I was made”? If you’re like me, a lot.

Last week we talked about taking some time for yourself and taking massive action, but there comes a point during your action taking where evolution is going to kick you in the teeth.

Let me explain, because there was some confusion last time I talked about this. By “your lizard brain” I literally mean the little part in your brain that holds all your survival instincts, breathing, heart rate, and on and on; your autonomic/subconscious mechanism if you will.

Well back in the day when it was eat or be eaten, this part of your brain was awesome! It helped you avoid stuff that would’ve put you in the ground (or somethings else’s stomach).

Now though, well, now that most of us have plenty to eat and we are actually eating MORE than we should be the little lizard brain can get in the way. When you want to make change in ANY part of your life, and when I say any I am talking about anything, fitness, money, anything, well this little guy jumps in.

He questions the validity of your decision, and when you can’t provide him with proof that your life is going to be freaking awesome where you want to be he will do everything in his power to get you to stay where you are. Back in the day that was a good thing, too much change would get you killed.

Lucky for us our little lizard can be tricked very easily.

Healthy Mom cooking diner

Fitness Model Mom Maybe?

How? It’s actually kind of simple, and I’ll be the first to say that the information I’m about to give you isn’t new. I want you to design your life in your mind, and remember don’t worry about how you’re going to get there. Design your perfect house, body, fitness level, do you want to run a marathon, fit into your “skinny” jeans again, or have the energy to out run your kids?

Think of every aspect of your life. Now start feeling how you would feel if all those things were true. Remember the lizard didn’t have a whole lot of conscious thought to go off back then, he was all about instinct and feelings, so if you honestly feel NOW the way you will feel when you get there your lizard will start to believe that you are already there.

Guess what? He is going to start pushing you to make changes in your life to achieve your goals, because now where you currently are isn’t “safe” any more. There isn’t food and water here.

What I’m telling you is that YOU are the biggest obstacle when it comes to making massive changes in your health, fitness, and literally every other aspect of your life.

Next time we’ll talk about the 1% rule.


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