Win Your Waist (Concord ONLY) 6 months of FREE TRAINING

Win 6 Months of FREE Group Fitness in Concord

Ameli Training is off the ground at a sprint. People are kicking ass and losing weight like crazy. I want to give back to my clients and GIVE away 6 MONTHS OF FREE TRAINING. I’m not kidding. Even if you’re not one of my clients right now, you can still win 6 months free.

Pretty Hardcore, huh?

More on How in a second.

First checkout how bad ass my mom looks on the TRX:

How can I afford to give away 6 months of free training? I’m going to be completely honest with you, I’ve blown my marketing budget on other things and I thought that I would get the help of the people who I love AND give them something awesome in return.

This is how you’re going to get your 6 months:

The person who refers the most amount of clients to me by June 21st will get 6 months free.

It’s that simple. Bring a friend to workout, send a friend to see me, whatever works. I said Concord only at the beginning, but if you live close enough to make it to the studio, you can play too.

Pop me an e-mail, for more details.


P.S. I won’t leave anyone hanging here, even if you bring me just one person I’m going to hook you up with something awesome.