Random Friday Thoughts

It’s been an awesome week at Ameli Training. The transition over to being full time at my studio in Concord is blasting, and we’re about to start a charity drive with We Care Children’s Services. Over all a good thing.

Friday’s are usually when I get to reflect on the week, so here are some unorganized thoughts that wouldn’t be a full blog post but are worthy of exploring.

My New Fitness Magazine

I’ve teamed up with some awesome folk to give you even more valuable content, and rocket your results to the next level. Go check out the Ameli Training Fitness Magazine. I admit that I’m not in charge of everything on there, but there’s so much badass stuff on there Here’s the short list

  • Recipes
  • Exercises
  • Articles
  • Fat loss tips
  • Lifestyle advice
  • And on and on

I’ve been so stoaked on this for the last couple of weeks and I’m excited to finally share with you. Check it out! Ameli Training Fitness Magazine.

Constantly Remind Yourself

I don’t care if you have 4lbs or 80lbs to lose, you need to have constant reminders of not just what your goal is but WHY you want to achieve that goal. My buddy Steve Hochman taught me this trick: He puts up his goals on the outside of his shower so that he can visualize it happening day in and day out. Here’s his post on it: Live Your Dream

Since I’m blind as a bat without my contacts or glasses, and I usually shower without either I came up with my own strategy.

I took a bunch of 3X5 cards are wrote down all kinds of life, fitness, business, and attitude goals and taped them all over my room and bathroom. Now I can’t help but see, read, and visualize how I want my life to be. It’s only been a day or two, but I’ve been crazy productive because of this.

Some people put their before pictures on their bathroom mirror to remind them that they NEVER, EVER want to be that way again.

Do it now.

Be Joyful

Seriously, why don’t you just go have fun, right now?

Oh and watch this, it’s pretty funny:

The Most Important Thing EVER (and Best Birthday Gift)

Bar in Nashville

Best Girlfriend EVER

I just got confirmation that my girlfriend is flying out from Nashville to see ME on my birthday!!! Most likely the best birthday gift I’ve ever been given.

Talk to you Monday


P.S. Seriously check out the magazine, it’s super bad ass: Ameli Training Fitness Magazine.