Spring in Concord

I was with my family for mother’s day in Santa Barbara, and before we checked out of our hotel we were sitting and watching the birds fly around and enjoy the fresh spring air. Little sparrows and blue jays were all around. I was standing by the car with my mom when one of the blue jays did what came naturally and he attacked and grounded one of the sparrows.

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It looked something like this, only with a Blue Jay

I’m not one to mess with the natural order of things too often, but I couldn’t help but heroically save the little guy. After shooing the blue bird away the sparrow was cowering on the ground and I thought for sure that he was done for. I covered him in a little tent of rocks while I went inside to get the rest of my things, just in case the blue bird came back to finish the job.

Before we left I uncovered him to see how he was doing. His heart rate was down from the crazy pace it was before but he still didn’t fly away. I reached down with a stone to try and move him to a better location, and as soon as I made contact he was airborne.

What a crazy thing to think that he was completely fine, but wouldn’t fly away on his own.

I started to think about the wounds that we think incapacitate us from living the life that we want to live and having the bodies that we want to have. For me it was always being the chubby kid in high school. I thought that I would be doomed to live out the rest of my days enjoying life but always being self-conscious about my body.

The nudge I got was from my best friend Tyler when he asked me to come out and play water polo my senior year. From that point on I realized that I really could accomplish anything that I wanted. I started seeing my body as my own and seeing myself as someone who could live a full life.

I’ve mentioned this before when I went rock climbing with my girlfriend, but I think it serves repeating. Little nudges in the right direction from people that we love and trust can make as move from a place of comfort to a place where we thrive. Being comfortable is great, but what does that little bit of comfort hold you back from?

What beliefs have you held about yourself that are limiting you from actually reaching your ultimate potential? Next week there’s an exercise that you MUST do to see the results that you want and start leading the life that you want, but before I give that to you I want you to take this as a nudge.

You may have held your wound for a long, long time. And I don’t think those wounds will ever leave us, but instead of letting it dictate your life use it as fuel to take control of your life.

No blue jay fat loss here

Are you letting this guy dictate your life?

Talk to you soon