Why 1% Can Change Your Life

A question from Concord could change your life

I was working with two clients who kind of crack me up, and they kept asking me what major changes they could make in their life right now that would make them lose weight. I already know all about their diets, exercise habits (hell they are working with me, right?), and fitness short comings, and the old me, talking back a few years, would’ve thrown 800 different things at them to change.

Not this time.

Why? Mainly because I know my clients. I also know that making massive change all at once can work sometime, but to make measurable gains towards the body of your dreams cutting out everything that you love and only eating

weight loss cycle

Tired of being bloated on the weight loss cycle?

broccoli, salmon, and protein power will do 2 things.

1. Make you hate life.

2. Make you GAIN weight.

You probably think I’m crazy, right? But it’s true. If you try and change everything all at once you’re going to end up falling back into old habits and the average person will actually gain two pounds over the course of a new diet and exercise plan.

You remember the old story of boiling a frog? It goes something like this — throw a frog into a boiling pot of water and it will jump out, but if you put it in a nice cool pot and slowly increase the temperature the frog won’t notice the change…until it’s too late. Unfortunately you are the frog.

Here’s the 1% rule: If you change 1% every day for the next 365 days the total change is NOT 365%, Let’s do a little math over the course of a few days

Barbie body

It's bad when Barbie is better at math than I am

1% of 100 = 101.1%

So after day one you’re now at 101, 1% of 101 = 1.01 so you’re now at 102.01.10

1% of 102.01 = 1.0201. Now you’re 103.03.01

1% of 103.0301 — you are 104.060401

1% of 104.060401 = 1.04060401. Now you’re roughly around 105.101

My head hurts so we’ll stop here. Needless to say those small increases over the course of 365 days are going to add up. How much? Well after 365 days of consistent 1% improvements you will be at… …


that’s 3678.34% better than when you started with only changing 1% each day! Let’s put it another way. If I ask you to change 70% of your eating habits once, you’d have change around 170% of your eating right? That’s nowhere NEAR 3678.34, now is it?

There is so much power in 1% changes I NEVER ask any of my clients to make big changes until they are ready. Don’t get the 1% rule confused with massive action taking. They are intertwined. Without massive action you won’t be able to make the small 1% changes, and without the small 1% changes massive action won’t stick.

what's your 1 percent

Is 1 Percent your 1 Percent?

Starting to see how this works? In the real world what are your 1% changes? Increase the amount of water you drink by 1 cup a day Eat an extra fruit Add 1 sprint to your cardio session Skip out on 1 piece of chocolate. What are you going to choose as your 1% change for today? -Kian