5 Exercises for Shoulder Injury Prevention

A lot of my clientele is plagued by injury, and huge majority of that is shoulder injury.

If you have the misfortune of not being in the Concord/Bay Area, and you can’t come and see me personally here are my top 5 exercises to help prevent shoulder injury and pain that you can do at home. Plus if you’re already hurt they can help reduce pain and speed up your recovery.

  1. Foam Roll: Lats
    How to foam roll your lats

    Getting a physique like this guy takes more than just foam rolling

    Your lats are one of your main pulling muscles, and have a tendency to be overworked. To perform: Grab a foam roller and lie on your side with the foam roller hitting your arm pit. Roll up and down from your arm pit to just before your rib cage ends. Complete 1 minute on each side

  2. Foam Roll: Glutes
    foam roll glutes

    Make sure you lean back

    To perform: Sit on the foam roller and cross your legs so that one ankle is touching the opposite knee and making a figure 4. Rotate your hips towards the bent knee and roll up and down through your glutes. Complete 1 minute on each side

  3. External Rotation
    external rotation

    Keep your elbow still

    To Perform: Tie off a thera band or thera tubing to an anchor just under chest height. Align sideways, and grab the band across your body. Keeping your elbow by your side rotate the band away from the anchor point. Complete 10-20 repetitions on each side

  4. Reverse Pitchers
    To Perform: Same anchor point as above. Face the anchor and grab the band. Bring the performing elbow to shoulder height (90 degrees at the armpit) and your fist facing the anchor. Keeping your elbow stationary rotate your shoulder so that your fist is now facing the sky. Return. Complete 10-15 repetitions on each side

    So I had a hard time finding a picture for this one, so I figured just do the opposite of what a pitcher does and you’ll be alright. Make sure your elbow is still!

  5. Super-Man Hold
    To Perform: Lie face down on a mat with your arms extended in front of you, palms down, and your legs fully extended.  Lift your chest and legs off of the ground simultaneously, keeping your eyes looking to the ground. Hold this position for as long as your can, or until you reach 1 minute.

    Back extension, superman

    Don't lift up with your eyes

If you perform these 5 exercises 3-4 times a week I’m certain that you’ll see a reduction in your shoulder pain and an increase in your performance. This will also help your posture out, which helps make you look and feel better.

Talk to you soon


  • Ron

    Kian — Here are 2 devices that you may find helpful: The ShoulderHorn (www.shoulderhorn.com) is a special support for external rotation. It’s been clinically proven to be more effective than unsupported external rotation. The RumbleRoller (www.rumbleroller.com) is a foam roller that’s specifically optimized for myofascial release. It’s especially good for digging deeper into hard to roll areas like the lats.