Body Transformation Released!

I have to write this quick, I’m leaving for Nashville on Saturday and need to get my ducks in a row.

Concord fat loss

Not as extreme a transformation as this guy...

Yesterday I posted about our 6 week transformation program, and today I’m going to let you in on all the details. Since I released this program to my e-mail list first (sign up if you want insider info =====>), there aren’t a lot of spots left.

I decided that I’m going to take on 12 new clients into this program and I’m starting it this Monday August 23rd at 6am (FULL) and 7am.

Here are some details about the program that you should know before you join:

This is a 6 week training and nutrition (manipulation) program that’s somewhat, well, intense. You’re going to work hard for 6 weeks BUT your results are going to come fast and will be significant when you follow the program. Plus these results are going to LAST.

Some people will lose twelve pounds to twenty pounds during these 6 weeks and a couple dress and pant sizes.

The program is simple in its brilliance. You’ll come and workout with me three days per week for 6 weeks, and eat the foods that I’ve outlined for you in the program. It’s simple actually – just read it and eat it and the results will come.

You will experience soreness in your muscles. Nothing too bad, but definitely some soreness letting you know that you just had an awesome workout.

There’s a major difference in our workouts too, you’re getting Pilates, Cardio, AND Strength training all in one go. That’s why these results are going to be so killer

And the eating program I give you will NOT be a starvation diet. I’m totally against starvation diets. It’s actually a healthy amount of calories manipulated in a crafty way to help your body burn maximum fat and to retain muscle tone during the 6 weeks

I think you’ll actually enjoy it.

Now here’s the best part of this whole thing… the cost.

Since this is my beta version and since I’m only taking on a small group of new clients on this program. I’ve priced it for anyone to afford.

The entire 6 week body transformation is only $97. That’s about 5 bucks a workout (stupid cheap)

Why so cheap? Well it’s an ethical bribe. We really want to get some awesome testimonials up on the website, and some kickin before and after pics.

Like I said the program starts Monday August 23rd at 6am (FULL) & 7am. So if you want to be one of the first people on the program and get a lot of fat burning and muscle tone done in only 6 weeks then you need to call me now at 925.285.6599 to lock in your spot for Monday.

Or you can e-mail us at

If you have any questions just reply to this email or call me at  925.285.6599.
This program is going to sell out quick at this low price and with the limited number of spots available. So be sure to call me at the number above or send an e-mail.

Looking forward to seeing you in the program on Monday!


P.S. If there’s anyone who wants evening I’m still open to moving things around for you