Things that go great with Pilates

Pilates…TRX…Kettlebells. All in Concord.

There are a lot of cool toys that we have in our studio in Concord. Pilates Reformers, a Pilates Cadillac, chairs, TRX, kettlebells, ropes… Wait what? If you know anything about Pilates those last few probably won’t jive. Here’s why we love the way the way those “toys” work with our Pilates method bootcamps and group training.

TRX concord pilates bootcamp

TRX outdoors


One of the best “new” pieces of equipment to hit the market in the last 50 years. Simple in it’s execution, deadly with the results it can deliver. When we apply the principles of Pilates to the TRX the results only multiply. The control Pilates teaches with the strength and power of the TRX are unrivaled, and if you put the exercises back to back or stack them it’s an insanely good workout.


kettlebell concord pilates bootcamp

The bell

Man these two have been at odds forever. Kettlbells are hardcore weight style movements, while Pilates puts focus on control, breath and stability. What they lack in execution they share in emphasis, both center on core strength and posture. When you stack these two back to back you get killer cardio and focused control that will make your head spin.


Just like on a boat. Seriously. All this stupid thing is is a normal, thick rope. Wave it around a bit and you’ve got one of the strongest workout in the business. Just like kettlebells your cardio is going to be challenged, but now we dig into your shoulders, core, and dig deep into your energy reserves. After a long bout on with the rope you can stretch out, and recover. Just make sure that you get ready for the next round.

concord rope pilates bootcamp

the rope

I know I didn’t give you a lot of meat here, but what I want you to see is that Pilates meets every single other exercise method out there. Mix in what you know and don’t segment things. Just because someone may not talk about neutral spine while you’re swinging a bell doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t fight to stay in neutral.

If you’re jamming on a rope your breathing pattern is going to matter more than ever.

Do you see where I’m going with this??

Take what is good from anything you do and continue to apply it until it is no longer good or useful. This is the heart of exercise and the mind body connection.

If we forget what we’re taught than we are just mere children.

See you in class