10 Ways to Lose Your Pregnancy Pounds

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Hey guys, I got my buddy Lauren to write a KILLER post for all of you on losing your baby weight. Talk to you soon.


This is a guest post written by Lauren Dzuris. Lauren runs FindMyCarSeat, a car seat website that helps soon-to-be-parents find the right car seat for their child, while giving them tips and advice on everything from pregnancy to caring for your baby.

Once we find out that we’re pregnant, we’re eager to see what our pregnancy will be like. Will we have morning sickness? Will we be tired all the time? Or, maybe we will gain all that extra weight we dread? A lot of women pack on a few more pounds than they’re supposed to. It’s common for them to think of pregnancy as a free pass to “eat for two”, or to just eat whatever they’d like. Although like anything, there is a price to pay when we do so. If you are looking to get yourself back into shape, and to lose these pregnancy pounds once and for all, I can help you do that with a few helpful tips!

1. First of all, you will want to come up with a plan. Whether you plan to exercise more often, go on a diet, write down everything you eat, or perhaps just eat better in general, you need a plan.
2. Now, think of how you’re going to stick to it. Will you buy only healthy groceries? Stop eating out for lunch at work, or maybe work out every other day after work?

3. Once you’ve figured out your plans, you will want to first start by getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night. The more rested you are, the better you will feel, and the better your body will function.

4. Since our body is made up of 70% water, you will want to make sure you stay hydrated! This will fill you up more so that you eat less. Try a minimum of 64 ounces a day.

5. Try taking more steps each day. Whether you park farther away in the parking lot, or you go on the treadmill for 10 minutes a day, try to get more steps in!

6. You should also try to take in less calories. This is obviously a no brainer, but really. Give up that candy bar you have at lunch, skip out on one pop per day or use low fat ranch on your salad, all of these small changes can make a bigger one down the road.

7. To lose weight easier, try burning calories by having fun. I recommend you create a sports team with the neighborhood, take the dog for a daily walk, or swim in the pool with your children. When we do these activities, we don’t even realize we’re burning calories!

baby weight, moms fitness8. If you didn’t know already, breastfeeding can help you lose those unwanted pounds even faster. By having your body work harder, you will notice a huge difference compared to if you didn’t breastfeed.

9. Try not to eat 3 hours before you go to bed. Let’s say you go to bed at 10 p.m., you don’t want to eat any later than 7. Eating late stores more fat in your body.

10. Tell a friend or your spouse that you’re trying to lose weight. Any encouragement can help you get to your goal even faster. Also, they may help you make better choices later on.

Losing weight after pregnancy isn’t always easy. It takes time, a lot of discipline, and motivation to stick with it. For extra help, consider these points!