An Environment to Lose Fat

Hope you guys are totally loving life! It’s really been a joy seeing our 6 week total body transformation clients at the studio in Concord go through a butterfly like process of change.

In that spirit I’m going to share a killer secret to making sure that you are on track for losing the pounds that have been stuck on your waist for the last 10 years.

Here’s a question, when you’re at work and when you’re TOTALLY focused and on task what does your desk and office

Bill Gates has only what he needs on his desk

look like? If you’re like me it’s totally clear of everything that I don’t need right then (atypical from the usual mess on my desk). I’ve created a space that is laser focused on getting what I need to get done, done.

Every single super successful person in the business world have environments that force them to focus on that one thing that’s going to get them to their goal.

No Facebook

No iPhone e-mail


That’s how you have to design your kitchen and eating life. If you’re truly serious about getting the body and lifestyle that we both know you deserve then you need to kick all the distractions that are in your kitchen.

I don’t mean don’t enjoy food, that’s dumb. What I mean is that you’ve got to take the Facebook out of your kitchen. It doesn’t just stop at the ho-ho’s and twinkies. There are layers to this purging of your kitchen, and not all of it is food.

There are going to be behaviors in your life that aren’t under your control. Your spouses insatiable appetite for frozen yogurt, or your ritual of a massive sugary coffee with your best friend every Friday. It’s not just about you (that’s what everyone always tells me anyway).

These people are success vampires, and those behaviors need to change if you’re going to make it to your goals.

You’ve got to be so freaking determined to get to the body you want that you will blast out and confront every obstacle that is in your way. Start with the crap in your kitchen and move on to the pull of your social group.


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