Keep Your Body Guessing!

Ever find yourself in the same old rut when it comes to your workouts? Day in and day out: Gym, cardio, weights, shower, gym, cardio, weights, shower… Pretty soon you’re bored out of your mind, you stop seeing results, and you end up frustrated out of your mind. Sound familiar?

Doing the same workout over and over is not only boring—it also slows down your results by not giving your muscles a chance to recover. Every time you lift a weight you create tiny little tears in your muscles, it takes some time to heal these tears. By putting that kind of constant stress on your system your metabolism slows down because your muscles can’t heal fast enough to keep up with your workouts.

If you’ve ever wondered why you’ll see people see great results in the first 2 months or so of a new workout routine, that’s why. The body can only keep up with that kind of punishment for so long before it says balks, quits growing muscle, and quits burning fat. That’s all bad news.

The good news is that the fix is simple.

Alternate your exercise routine.

Especially if you’re going hard to hit a goal, like not gaining 10lbs before the end of the year, it’s super important to make sure that your workouts are varied. If you’re still going to a regular gym then try taking a Pilates class on Monday and then lift weights on Wednesday. A good workout habit might look like this:

Monday – Weights & light cardio

Tuesday – Soft tissue work & intense cardio

Wednesday– Weights & light cardio

Thursday – Soft tissue work & intense cardio

Friday – Weights & light cardio

Satuday/Sunday – Medium cardio & soft tissue work

We work out similar to this at Ameli Training, but with killer workouts that will keep your body guessing, toning, and losing fat. Making sure you have a plan set in place is really what will jump-start your results into high gear.