Why the TRX Will Get You in the Best Shape of your Life

Concord’s #1 Fat Loss Tool – The TRX

At Ameli Training we LOVE the TRX. It helps us deliver the fastest results to our clients in the shortest amount of time –

Killer TRX moves

Period. If you’ve never used one before we’re not surprised, it’s only been around for a few years and doesn’t really look like much.

Two unassuming yellow and black hanging straps doesn’t look that bad, right?

Those two straps are packed with enough power to challenge NFL super bowl champ Drew Brees and adaptable enough to give a great workout to our clients in their 70’s – it’s that great.

Here are the top reasons you need to start using the TRX.

Reason #1 – Faster Results

Doing sets and reps of biceps curls, inner thighs, and crunches followed by an hour of cardio is so 2007. There’s no reason you have to spend any more than 3 hours working out a week to see amazing results. The TRX is a main component in kicking your workout into after burn mode.

Every move you do on the TRX requires that you uses more than 1 muscle group forcing you to work harder than you ever have before. A simple bicep curl turns into a core blasting total body move. And as we all know the more muscle you use the faster you build muscle and burn fat.

Reason #2 – New Moves

Exercise burnout is probably the main reason people quit an exercise program (maybe after starting one on January 1st?). The coolest thing about the TRX is that there is so much untapped ground that it’s almost impossible to get bored. With countless ways to make even the simplest moves harder I’ll be impressed if I ever reach the limits of the TRX.

The TRX plank takes a normal plank and puts in on steroids. With names like scorpions and atomic push-ups you can’t go wrong.

Reason #3 – Huge Community

The TRX community is super cool. Free workouts you can find on-line, free Q and A, help finding TRX training in your area, and a whole lot more makes www.fitnessanywhere.com a really valuable resource for any fitness enthusiast. Even if all you want is a great workout from a certified trainer it’s good to know that the workouts you’re given are backed by a community that helping one another become better.

Reason #4 – All Core, All the Time

Like I said above you can’t get away with simple isolated movements on the TRX (and why would you want to?). But the coolest thing is that your core muscles are used in every single movement. Back, shoulders, chest, and on and on. Every move makes your belly work. This not only helps melt fat, but it builds strong learn muscle and keeps your posture rocking (good posture is sexy, remember?).

If you’re still not convinced, or just want to give a TRX workout a try, give us a call at 925.405.6599.

See you in the studio