Eat Like A Frenchman

A lot has happened since I left you for France.

I got engaged

Yeah, this is where I proposed. The bar is set gentlemen

We’re running a badass iPad referral contest at Ameli Training

Well that’s pretty much it – but those 2 are pretty rad, right?

So while I was being hyper romantic and proposing in France I learned a lot about food and how we’re totally screwing things up in the states. Have you ever wondered why, despite our best efforts, we are still in the running for the most obese nation in the world?

The good news is we’re not number 1 any more – bad news? The rest of the world caught up to and is surpassing us. Check out this article:

Here are the top lessons we can learn from the French.

Lesson #1 Eat with Friends

One of the most entertaining parts of meals in France, or almost any European country, is that every meal, from Breakfast to Dinner, we ate with each other. There was fatty yogurt and cheese, carbs galore, and meats from who knows where, but despite all the habits that go against common health knowledge I actually lost weight.

Eating with people will make you take your time, enjoy yourself, and in turn eat less. So even if you don’t eat in the manner that you’re supposed to the tempo of the meal will allow you to relax, eat slower, and take in fewer calories instead of eating a cellophane wrapped crap-wich.

Warning: When you eat with friends you tend to mirror their eating habits, so watch yourself if you’re eating out with buddies who make mimosas and chocolate cake part of their regular fare

Take away: Eat with your friends, eat well.

Lesson #2 Buy local and buy often

Every morning Anna and I would take a little jaunt out to the local market, pick up some bread and a few things for lunch or dinner. We got fresher foods in smaller quantities, and for only the meals that we were planning on making that day – maybe the next.

Instead of having a lot of junk hanging around the house to snack on we had planned meals full of fresh veggies. You know the drawer at the bottom of your fridge that you never open? In France, that thing was like a cab drivers door at a bad family reunion.

They’ll head to the market for a big grocery day on Saturdays, but other than that every meal is planned out and fresh. Not a whole lot of frozen junk, hell no hot pockets or any crap like that.

Take away: Go to the store 2-3 times a week

Lesson #3 Eat in courses – all the time

Even the most casual of meals is served in flights in France. Some kind of appetizer, a main course, maybe some cheese, salad, or a small desert, and that’s what makes up a meal. We ate together, we shared, we passed food.

The best part of the whole course system is that it broke down the meal into segments that were more manageable, and always left us something to look forward to.

Take away: you’ll eat less if you break your meal into smaller “chunks”

Lesson #4 Start smoking

I bet you never thought you’d hear me say that, but hear me out. The French tend to smoke a lot, before a meal, in the middle of a meal, after a meal, and on and on. While it’s not the best, or healthiest, habit it allows your stomach to get used to the food that you’ve already eaten.

So while you shouldn’t actually start smoking I think that finding an activity the breaks up the meal and forces you to slow down.

And that’s what this whole thing breaks down to – slowing down.

We eat in the car, on the road, pound bars and nuggets of food, all trying to fool ourselves into thinking that that’s what food is really all about. Without getting too spiritual on you, God created food for us to enjoy – not for us to slam down in one breath.

Take your time next meal and see how it changes your out look.

Try it for a week and see how it changes your physique.

Hell, try it for a month and see if you’re a happier person.

Let me know what you think


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