What I Learned at the Perform Better 2011 Summit (Day 1)

Getting Better All the Time

Here at Ameli Training we are committed to providing you with the most cutting edge research on getting you your sexy body back, and one way that we do that is by going to conferences and rub shoulders with the people doing the research.

This last weekend I went down south and hit up the Perform Better Summit, and I want to give you a run down of what we learned and how it’s going to get our Concord CA clients the best results possible. I do this for you because I love you, and this way *I* do all the work and you can reep all the benefits. Thank me later 😉

I broke this up into two posts, day 1 and day 2. Look for part 2 next week.

Session #1 Mark Verstegen (Lecture)

Barefoot Training

Slide #1

Summary: For those of you who don’t train with us (shaaaaammmmmeee), we train barefoot all the time. Ever since the book “Born to Run” came out a lot of people have jumped on the barefoot band wagon. Mark Verstegen broke down the benefits and pitfalls in this session.

How this effects you: If you haven’t been training barefoot than you may want to consider starting; the modern shoe acts like a cast for the foot which weakens all of the musculature of the foot. When you do start make sure you go gradually, ie if you run 5 miles a day don’t pick up a pair of vibram 5 fingers and keep running at that same intensity.

We recommend warming up with minimalist shoes for a few weeks, doing your chosen activity as normal, and cooling down in minimalist shoes (or barefoot). After a month or so of this gradually incorporating work sets in your barefootedness.

Come into the studio if you’re interested in learning more.

Session #2 Mike Boyle (Hands-On)

“Success Secrets”

Mike on Stage

Summary: Not at all about success secrets. This hands on session was all about how Mike Boyle incorporates corrective exercise into his warm up with his youth athletes.

What you should do about it: Adding in some “idiot proof” corrective exercise could really ramp up your fat loss by reducing the amount of pain you’re in. If you’re in pain you’re not going to be able to use the muscle as well, meaning you’re not getting as much muscle activation, which all boils down to reduced fat loss. If I get enough comments below I’ll put up a video of some killer exercises you can do at home.


By far the worst meal I’ve ever eaten in Long Beach… It took an hour and a half and what burned. This also meant I missed out on most of session 3 – Good news though was that session 3 was a big time fitness business lecture, so you’re in the clear.

Session #4 Dan John (Hands-On)

The 4 Quadrants of Lifting

Don't let his crutches fool you...

Summary: Dan John is a total strength training bad ass, he walked us through his hierarchy of training.

Me Strength?: Yes ma’am! Strength training is the new way to rock out your fat loss. I know what you’re going to say, weight training makes me bulky, we’ll cover that on day 2. Dan’s strategy is to make sure that you get 5 movements in each workout:

5. Pushing
4. Pulling
3. Hinge
2. Squat
1. Loaded Cary


That about does day 1. Let me know which topic you want to learn more about in the comment below and I’ll write up another post on the one that gets the most votes.



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