What I’ve Learned in 100 and 1 Posts

Today marks the 102nd blog post on Ameil Training.

First off, thanks for being a reader, it really means a lot to me that you’d put your health and fitness learning in my hands (and mouth).

This isn’t going to be a typical article – instead of choosing a topic or training type I’m going to rattle off the best things I’ve learned over 100 posts. Be warned, I’m not going to pull any punches and if I happen to piss you off then I’m probably doing my job.

If you don’t get your core beliefs shaken every once in a while then I don’t think you’re living life to the fullest.

1. Aerobics is shit

Yup, running your ass off on the treadmill won’t get your waist all tiny and trim. Not only does aerobic exercise waste your time and NOT burn fat it’s around 1500 tiny pounding steps per mile. I have people tell me they don’t like jumping and then head off for a mile run to “get in shape,” and we all know that getting in shape is just code for losing fat. So if you don’t like jumping AND you want to drop some fat running is akin to a snail heading out to traipse around the salt farm – dumb and dumber.

2. Fish Oil

Best thing you can add to your diet. Period.

3. The magic pill DOES exist

But you wouldn’t take it even if I gave it to you. There’s a shocking majority of cancer patients who can take magic pills that would cure them that don’t, over 50%. That means that no matter what I tell you about health and fitness, you’ve got to take action for it to work – motivation and compliance and the two major things stopping you from reaching your goals.

4. A calorie is a calorie is so much bull

So much crap in this statement I couldn’t even believe. I give you 100 calories of spinach and 100 calories of cinnamon toast crunch and you’re going to expect the same results? That’s what I thought.

5. Carrying heavy things is the fastest way to lose fat

Somewhere between Jack and P90X we lost our way. Just like aerobics for 9 hours isn’t going to get you anywhere, lifting tiny weights isn’t going to either. To get fast and consistent results there’s one big rule – lift heavy.


That doesn’t mean 400 lbs, the weight you lift relative to your program and capacity.

6. I don’t get vegans


7. If you’re still getting workouts out of muscle mags you haven’t learned much

Muscle magazines are designed to sell more muscle magazines (yes even Women’s Health). Hiring a professional is the only way to ensure that your program is actually going to get you results.

8. Corn is a grain

Forgot about that didn’t you? I did to0 until I listened to an interview with Mike Boyle. That means we should treat corn like we treat wheat, only post workout and in the AM.

9. It doesn’t matter when you train.

AM, PM, all that I care about is consistency.

10. You’re got to practice what you preach.

I talk to too many people who “know” SO much about training, but they’re still chubbos. If you know so much do it. If you don’t have the will power to do it on your own or care enough to learn it right, hire someone and get it done.

11. Crossfit rubs me the wrong way

I don’t hate Crossfit; I think there are a lot of good Cross fit affiliates, but what a lot of people don’t understand is that Crossfit is an affiliate system NOT a franchise system. You know when you go into McDonalds and you get the same burger in every place? That’s exactly how Crossfit doesn’t work.

Each affiliate is essentially buying the brand name and a bit of training. That’s why we get really good affiliates, and.. well… these guys:

On top of that Crossfit has the highest national average for injury. For those of you about to flame me, that’s a national average from IHERSA or IDEA (can’t remember which), so your affiliate may be awesome but most aren’t

12. Abs are made at the table not the gym

What you put in your mouth matters more than what you do in the gym, plain and simple. Don’t take that for an excuse to slack off in the gym – you still have to bust ass.

A good place to start for good recipes is here: Gourmet Nutrition

13. Being a mom and eating healthy is one of the toughest things I’ve ever seen.

Kudos to you! I love the moms in my life, they work harder and are more focused than anyone else I’ve worked with. We’re working hard on putting together a seasonal recipe guide that’s easy to shop for, make, and that even your boys will love.

Until then, grab this: Gourmet Nutrition

14. Avoid olive oil

Ok so not ALL olive oil. Just any olive oil with “Pure” or “Light” on the label. Those terms are just euphemisms for processed, less flavorful, and junky oil. “Light” olive oil is tricky too, makes you think it has fewer calories, right? So, so wrong.

Also don’t cook with olive oil – the oil denatures and suddenly becomes bad for you, cook with coconut oil instead.

15. For faster fat loss cut out all your grains

Don’t do it for longer than 6-8 weeks though, and monitor how you feel

16. Eat whole foods more than you eat processed foods

Apple > French Fry

17. Fitness is always changing

So should your training. Remember, we used to think that steady state aerobics worked for fat loss, now we’re fatter than ever. If you’re interested in staying fit make sure the person you trust your health and fitness to keeps up on their education.

18. Buying workouts online is sometimes good

There are a lot of killer workout programs on-line, but the thing is that they’re “shot-gun” workouts, meaning that they were designed for a wide audience, not you. If you have specific goals to reach I wouldn’t touch them, but if you’re already well versed in training and you’re looking to introduce different lifts/training styles into your workouts they’re a good place to start.

Hiring a physical coach is always better.

19. Stick with your program

This is probably one of the most important things I’ve learned over the entire 101 posts. If you pay someone to write you a plan or if you take the time to write one yourself – STICK TO THE DAMNED PLAN. I had training ADD for a long, long time. I’d try one plan for 3-6 workouts, get bored, move on, rinse and repeat.

There are going to be times when a good plan gets a little tiresome, and that needs to be ok with you. Good plans build on themselves, they train your system in ways where you can progress and see results instead of wondering why you’re still in size 400 pants.

20. Foam roll

As much as you can. If you don’t foam roll than you’re asking for a greater injury potential

21. Focus on injury prevention

If you can train and not get hurt that means you can train for longer and harder. All that adds up to faster results and a pain-free life; swell right?

22. Training is a lifestyle

I’m not sure if I know how to put this into words, but your training needs to become a part of you; it needs to be ingrained in your DNA. When that happens you stop caring about pants sizes and pounds on the scale, and start caring about more important things. Training is a way of life. It informs the rest of our day and makes life a lot more enjoyable to live. Most people start training to become more physically fit, but somewhere along the journey the training starts making them (you, me, all of us) better people.

We laugh more. We love more, and we live life better than we did before we started. That’s the real goal.

There’s a lot more that I could have written, but I think that’s a good starting point.

Keep striving to be your best


Ps. For the best fitness cook book I know, check out Gourmet Nutrition . My wife and I make at least 1 recipe from this book a week. It’s good stuff.