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I went from a 33% body fat, inactive teenager, to a fit and heath minded fitness trainer

From poorly planned fitness plans, to nutrition failures and market scams I’ve been exposed to the worse (and best) information in the business

After sifting through all the crap I’m giving you the best information that I have

I won’t hold back with you, no secrets, no marketing ploys, just pure unadulterated knowledge

Updating My People

  A New Place, or is it? I thought that I would update all of you who don’t listen to my podcast. (Side note: If you’re saying what podcast??? Head over to If you don’t know I’ve moved from LA to the Bay Area, Walnut Creek to be specific. What prompted this move you might […]


  It’s been a while since a serious post, and the time has come. Since I am leaving LA in the next few weeks (surprised?) I’ve made a list of things that I want to do before I leave. You are going to be privy to that list: Have a last meal at Dr. Hogly Wogly’s […]

A New Chapter

  I’m going to let you in on the reason that I haven’t been blogging for the last month. My roommate Tyler and I have been working on starting a new project, and we are ready to release it to the world today. Go to and check out what we are cooking up   […]

Chick Workouts

I Want, You Know, To Tone Up A lot of the people I talk to about fitness have a lot of major misconceptions about fitness: Biceps curls should be done in the squat rack, squats are bad for your knees, the more instability you introduce the better, and my personal favorite —> there are workouts […]

Preview of My New Book

Yes Is Is Finally Happening I know you've been waiting for it. I am here to announce the creation of my book, no title can contain the literary genius of my mind as of yet. This is awesome. In short you'll be reading a guide to surviving college and not leaving it looking like a […]