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I went from a 33% body fat, inactive teenager, to a fit and heath minded fitness trainer

From poorly planned fitness plans, to nutrition failures and market scams I’ve been exposed to the worse (and best) information in the business

After sifting through all the crap I’m giving you the best information that I have

I won’t hold back with you, no secrets, no marketing ploys, just pure unadulterated knowledge


I hate when people say that fixing their diet is hard. It’s really not that bad. The rules are simple: Eat six times a day Drink a lot of water Eat some protein with every meal Eat some Veggies with every meal Don’t eat stuff you know is going to kill you. Done. Organic, vegan, […]

What the Hell are you doing with your life?

It’s June. 1/2 way point in the year. How far have you come from where you started? Did you reach ANY of your fitness goals? Did you make any? This morning me and my morning bootcamp retested their fitness level. Around six months ago I came in one morning and said that today we are […]

Why I hate Personal Trainers: Part 1 – What to ask when you meet one

I think everyone should have a personal trainer. Seriously. I constantly am working out with people who teach classes and do personal training all the time. It makes me work harder and focus on why I am working out. The thing that blows for you is that about 80% of all personal trainers SUCK. I’ve […]


Today is my birthday. I know, hurray! Another year has gone by since my escape from the womb. Thank my Mom I’ve been working hard to get this site back up and running. I didn’t like the look, the interface, or much else, so on this, the day of my birth, I’m giving you the […]

I hope you enjoyed your break

For todays workout we are going to push the limits of your body. Make SURE that your body is nice and warmed up before you do this one. There are 3 rounds of this bad boy, round one each exercise lasts for 90 seconds, round 2 60 seconds, round 3 30 seconds. You are going […]