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I went from a 33% body fat, inactive teenager, to a fit and heath minded fitness trainer

From poorly planned fitness plans, to nutrition failures and market scams I’ve been exposed to the worse (and best) information in the business

After sifting through all the crap I’m giving you the best information that I have

I won’t hold back with you, no secrets, no marketing ploys, just pure unadulterated knowledge

Static strength

Today’s finisher (that’s really what these workouts are, they’re the cherry on top of your workout) is going to be a lot of holding, so make sure that you have acesss to a timer or at least something with a second hand. Cycle through these for 20 minutes Squat hold (30 seconds) Deepen the squat […]

Get started

I hope you all did your homework because today’s workout is going to require you get an accurate read on your heart throughout the second half of your workout. If you missed yesterday’s post go here to get all the specifics, in short I want you to get in the best shape of your life […]

Do This Right Now

It’s been a while since I’ve posted up something this good. There are 8 weeks until my birthday, and as loyal readers I expect an awesome birthday present. You are going to get in the best shape of your life. Every week you’re going to get daily workouts that are going to get you fit […]

Add some quick Nutrition to your life

Mix up with all the technical aspects of the site, so no Pilates exercise videos this week. Everything should be ironed out by Monday. In the mean time here’s a video with a kick ass post workout nutrition shake that you need to try

Pilates… A LOT of Pilates

I’ve been MIA for the last week because of Pilates I’m working on finishing up my full STOTT Pilates Certification, which is a ton of fun but combined with the rest of my life… well you can see the results on my time. BUT you can also see the results on my body. My posture’s […]