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I went from a 33% body fat, inactive teenager, to a fit and heath minded fitness trainer

From poorly planned fitness plans, to nutrition failures and market scams I’ve been exposed to the worse (and best) information in the business

After sifting through all the crap I’m giving you the best information that I have

I won’t hold back with you, no secrets, no marketing ploys, just pure unadulterated knowledge

Taking a break

If you haven’t noticed I haven’t put a post up in over a week. A couple reasons for this. I’m working on a bad ass product for men only. I’m getting ready to open a sick new portion of the site. I’m not going to tease you for pages and pages with these, as they […]

It’s out and up

The deed is done. Did you miss out? Don’t feel bad, I decided to extend the One in One Thousand deal to all new subscribers, so just pop your e-mail in over there <== and you’ll be part of the cool group. Back to the lab rat series tomorrow -Kian

One hour

You’ll notice on the left a link that’s password protected, and if you’re at all smart you’ve realized that’s where I’m hiding my subscriber only report. You have one more hour to sign up for the Ameli Training Newsletter to be one of the first people to get your hands on this piece of gold. […]

Life in the slow lane

Everyone at the gym moves in Jello. It’s almost like they really don’t want to get the results they deserve or can acheive. Please tell me, what is the point of moving all that weight (I’m talking iron here) just to stuff your gillit full of crap, or vice versa even? What’s worse is people […]

Take the stairs to work

Not only will you burn a some extra calories that way, but you’ll gain some strength and stave off heart conditions. That’s not what I really mean though. I had an awesome workout in about 20 minutes, and all I had was a set of stairs. 1 flight, so about 30 steps and I kicked […]