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Get The Suck Out of Your Workout

4 ways to improve your results by getting the “suck” out When I was 18 I was a “hot stuff trainer” and when I say “stuff” I really mean “mess of a.” My programs were really, really bad. Mostly machines and exercises that the client I was working with wanted to do instead of movements […]

Please Read This

Late yesterday I sent a letter out to our e-mail list, outlining some major changes in our business. I want to make sure that everyone involved with our business is able to access this letter, so please take a few minutes and read through the information. It’s exciting! -K To our members, Thank you for […]

The Top 5 “This or That” Fitness Questions

Simple answers to the 5 most confusing topics in fitness and what you should do about them When you start a new training program it’s easy to get lost in a sea of different view points. Should I go vegetarian or eat more beef? Organic foods or magical powders? Lift heavy things or run 14 […]

Our New Schedule

This week we’ve launched a really exciting change in our schedule. In the past Ameli Training has offered 1 or 2 class types per day, which didn’t allow for a lot of customization of your workout. What we’ve done is mix up what we offer at each hour, so that you now have the option […]

An Extra 15%

This doesn’t happen often, but occasionally we have new clients come in after a few months of training with us, and they’ll have seen some significant results, but they’ll say, “Something’s wrong, I’m not losing fat fast enough.” My first response to this is to make sure that we have realistic expectations, according to Precision […]